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18 July 1990
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I am 18 years old and i go to University in England. I grew up in London. Generally, i don't work that hard or even show up to class that much. I go out a lot, i drink a lot, and i smoke a lot. I can't spell.
I used to do a lot of music but i haven't really since i've gone to uni. I sleep a lot and try not to eat much. I watch stupid tv programmes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars.
I'm not very good with boys and i tend to either have one night stands, go out with people i don't like very much (but who adore me), or get dumped by people i really like. I'm very self consious and very self absorbed. I talk a lot and i'm very, very random. I'm also very fake and i usually pretend to be a lot stupider than i really am. I end ever text or facebook comment with "xXx" which i probably copied off a friend. I have a few best friends and one best-best friend but i'm normally upset with her (though i don't tell her) and complain about her to my other friends. I used to keep a diary a lot but everyone i knew read it whenever they came over. Most of my entries went into great detail about things i didn't actually care about, and i'm probably gonna do the same here. I also have obsessive compulsive disorder and i used to be allergic to lots of foods, and am now allergic to perfume. I hate drugs but still accept other people doing them.
I have been in love with Japan and Japanese culture ever since i went there with my friend after the end of school, and after university i plan to live there for a year and teach. I want to be a primary school teacher.
I've also just noticed that every single one of these lines started with "I".